My Philosophy

Climbing is not only great for the body, it’s also does wonders for your mind and overall well-being. It challenges you, teaches you focus, mental and physical control and pushes you past limits you didn’t know you had. You’ll find yourself crushing climbs that seemed literally impossible just a few months previously! Climbing teaches you plenty about yourself too, as there can be no ego or excuses on the wall, although you’ll hear plenty! The sense of pride you gain from topping out a route that you’ve been working on is diminished only by the realisation that there is always more progression to be made. Each and every climb is different, so each and every workout is different. It’s hard at first, but gets easier the more you do it. If you ‘commit’, you’ll notice positive changes in your physique, attitude and overall fitness. All in all, climbing becomes a way of life with so many different avenues it’s difficult to know where to start; but I’ll help you.

Having spent the past six years learning to climb indoors, working as a freelance instructor and exploring the outdoors, I’ve gone through the process many new climbers go through of trying to figure out just how and where to gain the strength, skills, knowledge and technique needed to trust yourself enough to commit to that next big move. I’ve experienced the fear of leading my first sport climb outdoors, scrambling to summits in North Wales and trad multi-pitch climbing my first crag. I’ve still got a ways to go with outdoors climbing before being able to offer it to you, but having navigated the indoor world, I would like to make climbing accessible to everyone. Yes, even if your are ‘scared of heights’, have ‘no upper body strength’ or are ‘too short’ ! I’ll help to dispel those myths and gain the confidence, technique and knowledge you need.

Whether you’ve never touched a rope before, or have just had a few months off and would like a refresher; I’m there. Whether you’ve belayed for months but aren’t certain your mate taught you properly, or just completed a course and would like more tuition; get in touch! I thoroughly enjoy instructing and will do my utmost to ensure you are taught best-practise with the most up to date equipment and training available in order to ensure you leave my company a safe climber who’s well tooled up for the job at hand. Then it’s up to you! Have you committed (a term you’ll hear a lot in climbing)?

See you at the gym and welcome to the tribe! Have you got True Grit?

Jeff Sewell
Freelance Climbing Instructor
True Grit Climbing