A Bit About Me

I’ve been a teacher in one form or another for most of my life. In the distant past I’ve been a Wado-Kai Karate Sensei, a Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor, First-Aid and CPR Instructor as well as English teacher in Japan. I currently work as a Primary School Teacher and have done so for over a decade now, specialising in music and collaborative art. I’m also a blues musician, music promoter and host of a popular weekly open mic night. I’ve recently decided to steer my career away from the classroom and instead combine my passion for climbing with my love of teaching. This has resulted in the founding of True Grit Climbing.

In starting this business, I hope to build a foundation of clients whom I can develop and mentor throughout their climbing career. I also intend to further develop myself as an instructor by qualifying as an outdoors ‘Rock Climbing Instructor’. With this qualification I’ll be able to introduce developing climbers to the next stage after training indoors; the real world, with real rock, simply referred to as ‘Outdoors’ in the climbing world.